Posted on Jun 11, 2021


Fiberglass brings one of the smoothest finishes to a swimming pool. With its many and varied mosaic types, a typical well executed job becomes a work of real art. A fiberglass pool is very easy to maintain as it respells dirt and algae. A perfectly done job can last well in excess of 15 years.
• We empty the pool
• We clean your pool thoroughly and at the same time inspect it to see if there are any areas that need fixing
• Any cracks are sealed off and uneven surface sanded down. We then cut out a grove along the top of the pool just under the copings where the mat will be nicely tucked in to prevent it from ever peeling off from the top
• The actual fiberglass application will then start. We will apply white resin in small patches. While the resin is still wet, we lay in the 450gsm mat. We apply another layer of white resin on top of the mat. We will continue like this until we finish the pool
• Once the fiberglass has dried, we will meticulously grind throughout the pool to acquire a glass smooth finish. Uneven areas are patched over and another layer of white resin applied.
• We will then neatly install the mosaic ’tiles’ and cover them in a protective layer of clear resin
• We will now apply the top cot resin/gel. This is the layer that will actually give colour to your fiberglass as well as make it water-resistant.
• The pool will be ready to be filled after a couple of days of air drying
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