Posted on 21-Aug-2019


Why Pool Marbelite?

Pool marbelite is among one of the best swimming pool finishes that one can use on a swimming pool. Economically speaking, marbelite makes a wise choice. The most basic marbelite shades constitute the cheapest product one can use for lining a pool.
On top of being the cheapest, marbelite is also known for its extreme durability. After properly remarbeliting a pool, one can expect 15 to 20 years of absolutely no worries about resurfacing a pool. With other methods such as fiberglass, you are probably looking at around 10 years. This is quite a great plus as the entire process of resurfacing a pool can be a highly demanding one in terms of resources.
Lastly one can also talk of marbelite in terms of aesthetics. It really makes your pool look nice when properly done. With its several different shades and colours, marbelite will give your pool a very attractive look. To top it up, marbelite comes with very several different types and colours of mosaic which also give your pool a unique and great look.
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