Posted on May 20, 2021


Marbelite is a coloured marble plaster with a cement base used for coating concrete or gunite pool surfaces. Marbelite comes in several colours. Applied correctly, it can last you 15 to 20 years without need for resurfacing. In this article, we will give you step by step instructions of how to best remarbelite a swimming pool.
• Empty the pool
• Cut a deep ring under the ceramic tiles, around the light, weir and aim flow. Break down edges of steps and any cornered features in the pool. This is to provide a flashpoint for the new to old marbelite
• Chop rest of the pool with a chopping hammer or any other sharp object to obtain a rough finish. This also allows for better bonding of the old and the new marbelite.
• Cook up a “slash”, this is a thick mixture of the marbelite product, water and bonding liquid. Splash this to the walls and leave it to dry overnight.
• Mix the marbelite by hand in the pool with appropriate additives in terms of colorants and strengthens and they apply it in almost the same way as plaster but with the appropriate tools.
• Apply the marbelite throughout the pool and smoothen it with a round trowel until totally smooth.
• Leave it to cure overnight and initiate the pouring of water first thing in the morning of the following day.
NB: Brush the pool only with a soft brush for 14 days to allow it time for drying (marbelite dries underwater). After 14 days, you may now connect the kreepy
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